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Family Links
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Family Links
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== Family Links == == Family Links ==
 +* [[User:Alexandra Fiebrich|Alexandra Fiebrich]]
 +* [[User:Ayla Sinz|Ayla Sinz]]
* [[User:Bernie Sinz|Bernie Sinz]] * [[User:Bernie Sinz|Bernie Sinz]]
-* [[User:Christa Sinz|Christa Sinz]]+* [[User:Caitlin Sinz|Caitlin sinz]]
 +* [[User:Cameron Sinz|Cameron Sinz]]
 +* [[User:Christa Sinz-Welsh|Christa Sinz]]
* [[User:Christopher Sinz|Christopher Sinz]] * [[User:Christopher Sinz|Christopher Sinz]]
* [[User:Claudine Sinz|Claudine Sinz]] * [[User:Claudine Sinz|Claudine Sinz]]
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* [[User:Jenna Sinz|Jenna Sinz]] * [[User:Jenna Sinz|Jenna Sinz]]
* [[User:Joachim Sinz|Joachim Sinz]] * [[User:Joachim Sinz|Joachim Sinz]]
 +* [[User:Johannes Fiebrich|Johannes Fiebrich]]
* [[User:Klaus Sendele|Klaus Sendele]] * [[User:Klaus Sendele|Klaus Sendele]]
* [[User:Mary Last|Mary Last]] * [[User:Mary Last|Mary Last]]
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* [[User:Philip Petersen|Philip Petersen]] * [[User:Philip Petersen|Philip Petersen]]
* [[User:Sabine Sinz|Sabine Sinz]] * [[User:Sabine Sinz|Sabine Sinz]]
 +* [[User:Sebastian Sinz|Sebastian Sinz]]
* [[User:Sigrid Fiebrich|Sigrid Fiebrich]] * [[User:Sigrid Fiebrich|Sigrid Fiebrich]]
* [[User:Theresa Sinz|Theresa Sinz]] * [[User:Theresa Sinz|Theresa Sinz]]
* [[User:Tracy Sinz|Tracy Sinz]] * [[User:Tracy Sinz|Tracy Sinz]]
* [[User:Ursula Sendele|Ursula Sendele]] * [[User:Ursula Sendele|Ursula Sendele]]
 +* [[User:David Welsh|David Welsh]]

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The Sinz Family Crest - from 1164 in Basel, Switzerland
The Sinz Family Crest - from 1164 in Basel, Switzerland

This site has been set up for Sinz family members to be able to maintain a public web presence and share information via the net.

Family Links

If you need to add a new link here just edit this section. (click here)

The links above are to different subsets of pages within the Wiki. Some of these links may actually be empty. Feel free to add data to them.

How to edit a page

Any family member can create an account for another family member. Account names are always the full user name (for example, Joachim Sinz)

Helpful links page for more information on using this wiki

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